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U-Haul Soil Products

We stock Mulch, Compost, Soil & Bark at our yard. Call for delivery or arrange a time to stop by our yard.

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We are located at 279 Gravel Pit Rd, on Orcas Island
Nutra Mulch $67 per cubic yard

Well aged compost blend. Excellent soil conditioner or slow release top-dressing. Equal parts:

  • Chicken Compost
  • LaConner Compost (Mulch n Grow)
  • Garden Mulch (ground & composted wood mulch from Bellingham)
Vegetable Compost $67 per cubic yard

Great additive to an existing garden or bed. Used as an amendment to existing soil to add nutrients and organisms to revitalize soil. An organic substitute for artificial fertilizer.

  • 50% Municipal yard debris from Skagit County
  • 25% Native soil from Skagit County
  • 25% Sand
Enhanced Soil Blend (A-Mix) $67 per cubic yard

Starting from scratch? Our enhanced soil blend is great for areas that have clay or rock. Use this blend when building raised beds or as an amendment if you have issues with poor drainage. Great for lawns!

  • 60% Sandy loam base
  • 40% Chicken Compost & LaConner Compost Blend
Medium Fir Bark $45 per cubic yard
Perfect decorative top layer. Unlike cedar, will not harm plants. Helps soil retain moisture and looks great!

Coverage Information

  • 1 cubic yard is 27 cubic feet or 27 square feet covered 1 foot thick
  • So, find out the total square footage, width times length
  • Determine the desired depth and (*allow for the material to pack down a bit)
  • Divide 12 by the desired depth in inches – then divide that number into the total square feet to get cubic feet
  • Divide that number by 27 to cubic yards



Steff wants a garden that will be 12 feet wide and 8 feet long

12 x 8 = 96 sq feet

The garden soil needs to be 9 inches deep

12 / 9 = 1.33

96 / 1.33 = 72

72 / 27 = 2.67

Steff will need to buy 2.67 yards of soil to build his dream garden!


We can deliver products directly to your site!
Orcas, San Juan, Lopez and Shaw Island
Sunland Bark &Topsoils
Sun Land A-Mix: topsoil / mulch-n-grow / sand / chicken compost - vegetable gardens

Sun Land B-Mix: topsoil / mulch-n-grow / sand / chicken compost - general purpose soil

Sun Land C-Mix: sand / chicken compost - lawns

Nursery Mix: screened sandy loam with 16-16-16 slow release fertilizer added -- general purposed soil

Skagit Soils / Soil Mix - screened blend of soil and vegetable compost

Compost and Soil Amendments
Sun Land Mulch-N-Grow: 5/8" minus decomposed fir/hemlock bark - soil amendment or mulch

Sun Land Nutra-Mulch: 50/50 mulch-n-grow / screened chicken compost - soil amendment or mulch

Sun Land Chicken Compost - aged chicken manure / fir/hemlock shavings - soil amendment / fertilizer

Sun Land Steer Compost - aged steer manure / fir/hemlock shavings - soil amendment / fertilizer

Skagit Soils Vegetable Compost - screened aged compost made from yard waste

Bark And Sawdust
Sun Land Fine Bark - 5/8" minus screened - landscaped cover or mulch
Sun Land Medium Bark - 1 1/2" minus ground - landscape cover or mulch
Sun Land Chunk Bark - 2 3/4" x 3/4" fines removed - landscape cover
Sun Land Cedar Play Chips - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 1/4" cedar - walkways, play areas and mulch
Sun Land Sawdust - fir/hemlock sawdust - soil amendment, mulch, or animal bedding