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Construction Disposal Options For Builders
Choosing The Right Container
*30-yard roll-off box
Construction jobs with a high volume of heavy materials such as concrete or asphalt can save time and money by renting a 30-yard roll-off box. Because we move refuse in bulk, our disposal rate is lower per/ton than those who self-haul. You can save time and money because we pick-up at your work-site! Call us today for rate and disposal information. (360) 376-4709.

*2-yard dumpster

In most cases, we recommend a 2-yard dumpster for refuse collection. The convenience of a 2-yd dumpster is a cost-saving alternative for projects lasting over 2-months or for projects with an undetermined completion date. Some of the advantages of renting a 2-yard dumpster are:

  • On-Call Service
  • Lower Rental Fees
  • Optimal Container Placement

*Service Includes:

Rent (based on container size)

Delivery Fees and Dump Fees (Call for price)

Actual Disposal Cost (Call for price)